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Crazy Browser Editor's Review

Ok so probably not the most inspired marketing name, but Crazy Browser seems to be a fairly downloaded program on our website so I decided to take a look. So what is it? Well it's more of a shell built on top of whatever Internet Explorer engine you have installed at at the moment on your system than a browser.

It however brings a lot of customization to the default IE interface - depending of course on what version you have. For oldschool users, Crazy still has that IE6 interface feel but brings tabs, an adds plus flash blocker, fast translation of the current website using Google Translate, the ability to arrange tab windows automatically in several ways just like Windows does it, and options to selectively load various webpage elements.

Crazy Browser supports plugins just as IE, but not extensions. COM Objects, Scripts and Executable Files are the supported plugin "formats" it knows to use.

A lot of various interface customizations are offered under the "Advanced Options" menu, from fonts to colors and mouse gestures, you can tweak the looks of your browser just the way you always wanted. Yes I did mention mouse gestures, it's neat especially if you have a 2 or 3 button only mouse (no next/back keys).

Pluses: Many more options than IE. Built-in translation. Mouse gestures. Customization.

Drawbacks / flaws: Uses whatever Internet Explorer you have installed, inheriting both its strong points and its flaws. If you are going to use Crazy Browser, be sure to update your IE.

In conclusion: An interesting shell choice if you like IE compatibility but were never too drawn by its interface or options. Altough I personally find Maxthon to be more feature complete.

version reviewed: 3.0.5

Crazy Browser Publisher's Description

Crazy Browser is a powerful Web browser that provides many features that make surfing the web more comfortable and less confusing. Web pages are organized on tabs to prevent your screen from getting cluttered. it has full support for P3P privacy notifications (requires IE6) and JavaScript error suppression. In addition, Crazy Browser can handle multiple

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